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Happiness is 'salmon shaped' returning a summer fish on middle tweed

I have known Malcolm personally for the past thirteen years whilst employed as a Ghillie on the River Tweed at Lennel Estate.

During this time I have always found Malcolm to be friendly and courteous and polite to fellow fishermen. He has a pleasant personality and also has the patience to deal with new fishermen eager to learn the art of salmon fishing.

He has always shown a great love of fishing and has a good knowledge of rivers and fishing conditions. Malcolm always appears to have the knack of being able to choose fly and line to suit the day's conditions.

I have no doubt Malcolm is an excellent instructor in this field of salmon fishing.

Micheal Osinski (Retired Ghillie)

Mac's enthusiasm, friendlyness and desire for his guests to have the best experience possible is contagious. He is always there when you want him but has the intelllegence to leave you be in your own company to enjoy those special moments on the river.

He's an artful caster and a vastly experienced salmon and trout angler, and I would recommend him to any fisher, novice or expert, if they want first rate and jovial experience.

Alistair Rutherford (former director of SCSTG)

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